Our Philosophy

At CleanTech Innovations, our vision is to help reduce the spread of deadly germs and enhance the quality of people’s lives through the provision of quality, leading edge cleaning and disinfection products. 

Our purpose is to improve and excel the standards of cleaning and disinfection with innovative, safe, and effective products to ensure Canadians can protect their homes and workspaces from harmful pathogens – without the toxicity that is often associated with disinfection products.

Our Principles


We are continually bringing in modern and technologically advanced products and methods from around the world to provide leading edge cleaning and disinfecting here in Canada.


We constantly strive to redefine the standard of cleaning and disinfecting by providing products that are not only effective at killing harmful pathogens, but are also safer for people, pets, and the environment.


We are committed to ensuring people and businesses can feel confident and safe with their cleaning and disinfecting by assisting our clients with disinfection products and protocols specific to their industry, assessing the efficacy of these protocols, providing equipment recommendations and maintenance, product dilution requirements, as well as informing them about new products and innovations.

Our History

CleanTech Innovations was established in 2016. We are the national distributor in Canada for state of the art cleaning and disinfecting products, and our head office is located in Ottawa, Ontario. We have organized the business model centered around business-to-business sales by territory distributors. 

We currently have an area distributor set up in every major city across Canada. We have established an extremely efficient and robust supply chain with all our products for all the distributors. Each distributor brings a unique experience to our company. With our shared vision and commitment to improving health, we are proud to raise the standards in our industry.


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