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  • Attacks indoor air pollutants
  • Premium grade
  • Easy to use, hands-free operation
  • High volume air flow capacity
  • Sound dampening design
  • Produces negative ions in the air. Negative ions not only refresh the air, but they have also been shown to reduce symptoms of depression for some people, and have an activating influence on some body systems and cognitive performance.*

*References available upon request.

  • Dimensions: (W) 19.68 inches x (D) 15.16 inches x (H) 66.14 inches | (W) 50 cm x (D) 38.5 cm x (H) 168 cm
  • Weight: 150 lbs. | 68 kg.
  • Auto. Function: YES
  • Lock Function: YES
  • Air Quality Sensors: YES
  • Power: 120 V, 60 Hz

Cubic Feet / Minute:

  • Speed 1: 306 CFM
  • Speed 2: 379 CFM
  • Speed 3: 447 CFM
  • Speed 4: 521 CFM

Sound Level (Measured at 6 ft.):  

  • Low: <35 dB (A)
  • High: <59 dB (A)

Filtration: 6-Stages

  • Pre-Filter: YES - Disposable
  • HEPA-Rx: YES - Disposable
  • Carbon Filter: YES (option of having dual Carbon Filters)
  • Germicidal UV-C+ Bulbs: YES
  • Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber: YES – Permanent
  • Germicidal UV-C+ Bulbs: YES
  • Revitalizing Negative ION Chamber: YES – Permanent
  • Filter Replacement Indicator: YES
  • Negative Ion Control: ON / OFF INDICATOR
  • Negative Ions: 3x10^6 / cm ³
  • UV Bulbs: 2 X 24 Watt | UV-C

Control Panel:

  • Dimmable touch screen
  • 4 speed settings, plus an Automatic mode. Timer (1 hour, 2 hour, or 4 hour setting)

Other specifications:

  • Air Inlet: Front
  • Air Outlet: Top
  • Air Quality Sensor: Automatic Mode Available
  • Power Requirement: 120 V, 60 Hz, 2.5A
  • Rated Power: 210 W
  • Fan Motor: 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Carrying Handles: Side

See Owner's Manual here:

Uses multi-stage filtration to ensure pathogens are killed.Indoor air is drawn through the bottom of the unit. The air then passes though the HEPA-Rx Filter, and then passes through the Activated Carbon Filter and the Germicidal UV-C + Photocatalytic Nano-TiO2 chamber. The purified air is then released through the outlet on the top of the unit. The Revitalizing Negative Ion Generators near the air outlet releases revitalizing negative ions in the air which refreshes the air.Filter tested 99.998% efficiency at 0.1 microns (COVID-19 is approx. 0.125 microns).

  • It is safe to operate 24/7 while people are in the space and provides peace of mind to everyone, knowing the air is being continuously treated.
  • All Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are independently lab tested & certified. To be in compliance with UL standard 867 CSA standard C22.2 No. 187-M1986 by ETL & bears The ETL and CETL mark.
  • This product complies with the maximum allowable concentration of ozone of 0.050 parts per million by volume (ppmv) in a 24-hour period. The Health Canada Guideline 2010 recommends that the maximum exposure limit, based on an averaging time of 8 hours, is 0.020 ppmv or less when tested in a sealed, controlled room approximately 30 m³.

See Safety & Testing below:

Testing - Cascade & Jade

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Air Quality Is Surprisingly Noticeable

Excellent product with great functionality that is very easy to setup, operate and maintain. The difference in air quality is surprisingly noticeable and the lower settings do not produce a disagreeable volume while the machine is in operation. Customer service is also top notch and very knowledgeable.



I Love It!

The quality of each air purifier is remarkable and simple to put into action and oh, so, quiet. Perfect for our retreat, conference and chapel needs. The company representatives are friendly, attentive and helpful. We are so pleased we found this great Canadian resource!

Mary Anne Brown - Dominican Retreat & Conference Center



We are so pleased with our Surgically Clean Air purchase, great for our team in bringing them confidence and our patients have really taken notice of what we have done for their well-being.

Dr. Jared Reid


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